Black Heads Removal Beauty Tips

Black Heads are one of the things which can hurt your looks the most. But it does have some remedies.

Our natural blackheads removal remedies can work wonders on your skin.

Mask For Black Heads :

Mask # 1 :

Mix three drops of iodine and a tea spoon of Epsom salt in to a quarter cup of boiling water. Wait till the solution cools down and you can touch it. Apply this solution on your black heads with a cotton ball. As a result of this the black heads will loosen and could be squeezed out with a gauze pad.

Mask # 2 :
One easy way to make your own blackhead mask is to look around your house for Elmer’s glue. Remember when you were a little kid, you’d used to put glue on your hands and peel them off? Well you can use this method to remove blackheads!! Simply put some Elmer’s glue on your nose and wait a couple minutes. Once it is completely dry, peel it off like a strip!

Mask # 3 :

The most popular home made mask is an oatmeal mask It is a simple, completely safe mask, and it works perfectly for people with oily skin. The ingredients are as follows:

1/3 cup of fast cook oatmeal (1-3 minutes)

¼ cup of honey

½ cup of water

Mix the water and the oatmeal together, and cook. Then, set the oatmeal aside to cool and thicken. As it is cooling, mix in the ¼ cup of honey. Once the mask is well mixed and cool, apply a thin even layer to the skin.Be careful when applyin.

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